electronic water softener

Choosing An Electronic Water Softener

Hard water is a problem to some extent in any area you live in. The extent of the problem is dependent on the amount of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals that are dissolved in the water that comes from the water company. None of the minerals in hard water are harmful to your health but they do cause an excessive amount of extra cleaning in the bathroom due to the deposit of scale or scum on the shower or bath walls. These minerals also adversely affect clothes cleaning because the same chemical reaction produces scale in your washing machine.

An electronic water softener is one of the most simple, easy to install, and trouble free methods of eliminating high mineral concentrations of calcium and other minerals that come into your home from the local water system. These systems alter the structure of calcium and magnesium so that the minerals are not deposited as scale but exist in a form that promotes the removal of scale that is already present in water pipes. You can browse our selection of electronic softeners below…

An added advantage of an electronic water softener is the cost. Over time the reduction in your costs of added clothes cleaning products and cleaning products to remove bathroom scale will pay for an electronic water softener. The cost is about the same as one visit from a plumber to repair or replace damaged pipes and are much less than a new water heater or clothes washer.

The first step you need to take is to have your home water tested for ion content. Quite often you can have this done for free by your city water board or a local environmental agency.

You will be able to select the options for an electronic water softener that best fit your needs and you wallet once you know the minerals and the quantity (concentration) of those minerals in your home water.

Fitting the new system into your present water system is easy. You just connect the system to the incoming main water supply and plug it in. The choice of the size and capacity of the unit is dependent on the water conditions you found out from having your water tested.

Do not expect over night miracles. The system will take a little time to produce a noticeable difference. You will begin to notice a less sticky feel to your water, your shower heads will become free of slime and crud, you shower and bath cleaning chores will decrease, the scale on your shower and bath will disappear, and your clothes will begin to look cleaner (less drab or dingy.)

Hard water is simply a matter of high ion concentration that is a natural result of some rocks being dissolved in the source of your home’s water. The dangers of hard water are financial. Hard water can cause excessive clogging and wear to your pipes producing extra plumbing and maintenance bills. Less hard water also means your hot water heater will last longer.

Electronic water softeners are an inexpensive, low maintenance, effective way to reduce or eliminate the effects of water scale caused by high mineral ion concentrations in the water that comes into your home. The little units pay for themselves by reducing your plumbing and cleaning costs. Best of all they make you feel cleaner and make your clothes look better.