Our Experiences With The Aquamag Plus

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Aquamag Plus

The Aquamag Plus is a water treatment product that installs onto your plumbing. The idea is that it generates a magnetic field which attracts and removes the metallic water particles that cause limescale. We found the product to be easy to use and effective in its stated purpose, and give it a top-notch rating.

Quality of Product

The design of Aquamag Plus is simple and the installation isn’t difficult if you have accessible plumbing.  Simply insert it into the piping where it will be most effective at removing limescale residue from your sink or spout. Generally, we’d recommend the piping under the kitchen sink as the best place to attach the product.

After installation, plug it in to the appropriate outlet. Some houses may need a converter, but you can pick these up at an electronics shop on the cheap and most people won’t require one. Your Aquamag Plus is now working. It’s quite a simple process to install, and only requires a little bit of handy work and knowing where the pipes are.

In our tests, we noticed a visible improvement in taste and clarity of a glass of tap water. The Aquamag appears to successfully remove the particles that cause limescale. It was quite simple really, while some particles remained.


£29.95 plus shipping. We found cheap untested products as low as £5, however its unlikely that they hold up as well considering the price point. We also found some more expensive ones floating around the £50 mark. Considering the low maintenance costs, £30 is a very fair deal for this piece of equipment.

Installation and Maintenance

The installation of the AquaMag Plus was fairly simple – we installed it under our sink with no trouble. Because of the simple concept that fuels the AquaMag, the installation wasn’t any trouble at all.

Maintenance on water filtration devices has long been an issue worth looking at. Most water softeners and filtration devices use safe chemistry and a tightly woven net to catch the big metallic molecules in. However, eventually the net becomes full of material and no longer works, weakening water pressure and failing to retain hard water molecules.  As an example, I’m sure we’ve all had a Brita water filter that is long out of date. This filter does little to purify the water within.

However, these new magnetic filters have no filter to replace. They simply rely on electromagnetism to catch the offending particles, and remove them. Occasional pipe-cleaning may be required, as some sediments may adhere to the sides of the pipes, however, we’re impressed.

As far as electricity costs, the website advertises a £3 per year addition to your electric meter, which is easy enough to stomach considering the costs of filtration systems.


For a final review, I would give this device a clean 4.5/5 stars. It completes its stated purpose, purifying water to a clean and clear level that you can drink. It’s inexpensive and cost-effective, takes very little time to install, and is well worth the investment. Because of the lack of needed maintenance, you can set it and forget it under your kitchen sink. Well worth the buy.