The X5000 Water Conditioning Magnet

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X5000 Water Conditioning Magnet

I kept thinking that it was time for an update to my shower head as I am all too familiar with having to deal with lime-scale buildup, and I have used plenty of chemicals and water treatments which I am not so sure were safe for me and my family. My mate is a bit of a egg head and said to me, a magnet does the trick plain and simple. I wasn’t quite sure how a magnet would be able to solve my water troubles, but I was willing to try almost anything with the condition it was in. I’m certain I could have found a magnet anywhere on the internet, but the X5000 Water Conditioning Magnet offers a rare-earth magnet powerful enough to split the ions apart, which are the cause of all the calcification and hard-water to begin with. Because of other reviews that were posted I felt that this would be a beneficial purchase for my family, which is why I am sharing my story!

The shipping was fantastic and arrived promptly. I was able to install it for my shower in less than the advertised two minutes. There are no tricks to it at all, only two cables you tie around the copper pipe. I could have had my six year old son install it, it really is that easy!

Not only was the X5000 Water Conditioning Magnet easy to install, it worked fabulously for my shower head. It took away any doubts that I had previously about a magnet being able to split the ions and make a difference in the feeling of the water. The magnet goes to work immediately and there are instant benefits to the stream as soon as the water starts to flow. We were able to notice significant less of that chalky feel to the water more and more since we’ve installed the X5000 Water Conditioning Magnet. It really did make showering more enjoyable, and gave us a “fresh” feeling afterwards, instead of feeling like we were bathing in dirty water, due to all the calcium build up that was hiding away in our shower head.

How does my new and improved shower head flow? It has increased the water pressure to almost new levels! Instead of feeling pressed for time as soon as I step in the shower before work, I can take my time rinsing off all the suds, and make sure that I am all set to start the day of properly. There isn’t a better feeling than starting your morning with a nice, long hot shower before heading to the office and working on all that paperwork. Instead of going to work feeling rushed, as I was doing, I am able to finish getting ready, as well as prepare my son for school without having to finish rinsing his hair with a cup over the sink. This was a really rewarding purchase for my family.

So does it all stack up? The X5000 Water Conditioning Magnet fulfilled my expectations, and then some! No more hard water for our family. We plan on buying one for washing machine and the sink as well!