A Simple & Cheap Universal Shower Filter

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Universal Shower Filter

As the name indicates, this shower filter is for usage with any shower heads that are considered standard by the plumbers. The Universal shower filter is a knight in shining armor during shower for the following reasons:

The Filter removes Chlorine and Prevents Scale Formation

These filters are designed to filter impurities from water, mainly chlorine and white scale that gets deposited on the surface of everything the water comes in contact with. Why Chlorine is added to every water reservoir in any city by the water department is not a mystery anymore; it’s the main ingredient instrumental in destroying many types of bacteria that causes waterborne diseases such as typhoid and cholera. Since the introduction of chlorine in water, there have been substantial decrease in the number of deaths caused by these illnesses. However, the American Journal of Public Health has brought into the notice of public the dangers of drinking chlorinated water. According to them and the National Cancer Institute, consuming chlorine water increases the risk of getting cancer by 93%. Although, this issue has been in debates for decades, there are evidences that suggest that chlorinated water caused cancer in some patients who had weak immune system.

The Filter Fits all Standard Showers and Dishwashers

Universal Shower Filter not only fits all standard showers fitted in every bathroom, but also the dishwashers in every kitchen. The product consists of an easy to change filter design, chrome or white to match the shower head and handle, and the filter cartridge that can be used without replacement for a year. The product is sold with a warranty and any fault or damages are either repaired or replaced by its manufacturing company.

Universal Shower Filters have Been Proven helpful for Eczema Sufferers

There are various skin infections that causes inflammation and irritation of the skin and eczema is one of them. For people who cannot tell the difference between eczema and other similar skin conditions, eczema is always itchy. The itchy symptom starts before the rash appears and the rashes are mostly confined to face, wrists, hand and feet. Areas affected by eczema are often dry, thick and scaly, sometimes with reddish or brown surface. The skin color change from normal to reddish or brown is prominent in fair-skinned people; in dark-skinned patients, eczema can affect pigmentation.  Infants with eczema are the ones who suffer the most among all age groups. The itchy rashes may produce crusting and oozing on the face and scalp, making it harder for them to not touch the affected areas.  Having said this, you may be wondering what these shower filter has to do with eczema. Although the origination of eczema is linked to other conditions, it’s the chlorine in water that worsens this condition, as experienced by certain patients. And universal shower filter has the required technique to eliminate chlorine from water, as stated earlier.

Controls Bacteria that is Harmful to Skin Such as Staphylococcus Aureas

Doctors urge their patients to wash hand and body with antibacterial soap everyday as a protection from harmful bacteria such as from the Staph family. But some bacteria have the tendency to survive even when harsh chemicals are used to kill them.  Destroying such bacteria is one such areas where Universal Shower Filters have proved their usefulness.