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Refresh Your Life With Shower Filters

Shower filters offer a protective shield that defuses the probability of being exposed to life threatening chemicals. Unfiltered water is a commonly known term used to describe water that has been compromised and should be used with caution. When a filter is introduced into the equation it helps to restore the natural health properties of unfiltered water; making it a safe resource for drinking, bathing and cooking. Because a filter has the capacity to remove and or lower the amounts of harmful toxins being introduced to the body, many report experiencing higher levels of physical productivity, hydration and healthier hair.

Depending upon the quality of the filter, most reputable brands can remover up to 99% of toxins before the water is delivered. This becomes a lot easier to appreciate if you’re informed about the body’s vulnerabilities. For example, taking a shower is a concept that is familiar to many of us. But what you don’t know can hurt if you’re unconsciously exposing yourself to things like lead, chlorine and other cancer producing hazards that penetrate the pores of the skin. Thankfully you will be pleased to find we have a selection of shower filters and systems below that are designed to improve the quality of your water…

Scientific studies have shown that consistent exposure to chlorine increases cancer risks. This might seem a bit confusing for those that are accustomed to the idea of chlorine being used to treat public water supplies. It is a universal substance that stabilizes unclean water by killing harmful bacteria’s and other waterborne organisms that create health risks. However, The American Chemical Society reports, consumers may receive anywhere from 6 to 100 times more exposure to chlorine by simply breathing the air around their showers, than from ingesting it. With this in mind, it becomes easier to understand how high quality shower filters offer double duty protection. Some of the most telling symptoms of unfiltered water would be brittle hair, itchy skin and at times bouts with lung and eye irritations.

Water softeners are the best way to resolve hard-water wars between the body and the appliances you invest in. While hard-water has not been documented as being responsible for any life threatening illnesses, it can create physical discomforts. Skin irritations, bad hair days and calcium build up are all attributes of its inability to combine with substances (soaps and detergents) it comes into contact with. This is greatly due to the dissolved minerals in hard water like calcium, magnesium and others minerals. Water softeners remove the interference of mineral deposits. The softening agents condition the water; making it appropriate for drinking, bathing and holding the right chemical balance for your appliances.

Since what you can’t see can be extremely harmful to your health, it’s become vital to have resources such as these at your families disposal. Lowering the percentage of dangerous toxins that enter the body can be achieved by using quality shower filters and water softeners throughout your home. The results are clean drinking water, better hair days and acquiring a cleaner feeling after a shower or bath. The upfront investment varies and depends upon the unique needs of the environment. Keep in mind that not only will these resources enhance the quality of your health; they will also enhance the lifespan of your appliances. Shower filters and water softeners are a great way to stay in control of your budget and keep undesirable repair cost at bay.